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It’s good to have in mind Vis history: town of Issa (today Vis) was founded in the year 397DC, by Greek Dionysius of Syracuse. So obviously Vis has strong and long gastronomic tradition. In ancient time, Vis type of barrel used for storing salted fish was considered to be the best in all the Mediterranean […]

When speaking about Paprenjak, I just cannot avoid mentioning Hvarski Paprenjok. It is somewhat different recipe and a lovely story behind it. As its name says it is from island of Hvar. The first time Paprenjok (  Hvar’s slang for Paprenjak ) was mentioned in a novel from 16th century entitled  “Fishing and Fishermen’s talk” […]

If you have the opportunity to make the marmalade from lemons from the island of Vis – do it! Why? Vis is the furthest, the southernmost inhabited Croatian island and still non that polluted. It has only 3000 inhabitants and therefore there aren’t many cars on the island. During the period of Socialistic Republic of Yugoslavia it […]