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When I am talking about desserts I just can not pass by and not mention traditional Dalmatian biscuits: BOBIĆI ( small almond balls ) MANDULAT ( nougat candy) PAPRENJACI ( honey pepper biscuits )   BOBIĆI Where the name came from? Bob= bean, Bobići= small beans   In Christian religion and tradition the bean as symbol […]

  Prošek is a Croatian very sweet desert wine from South Dalmatia.It is made of using  dried wine grapes into “passito method”. Alcohol level needed to be certified as true desert wine must be at least 15%, and seven times more grapes being needed to make same amount of Prosek than for wine. ( Wikipedia) […]

SPLITSKA TORTA, SPLITSKI AKVAREL, SPLITSKI PLES Definitely there aren’t many places in Europe that have their own traditional dance and their own typical cake. “Splitski akvarel” is the musical dedicated to Split.Its author Ivo Tijardovic was a Croatian composer, writer and painter born in the city of Split, when it was still a part of […]