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  My grandma always used to make it for me and so called “Koh od riže” was everyone’s favorite cake in my house. It is very easy to prepare it and once served together with cherry sauce, this simple cake becomes. (Word KOH is coming from German word kochen which means cooking.)   What I […]

  This old recipe is from the end of 19th century. Very fast and easy to do it!! My grandma Katarina was brilliant cook whose biscuits, strudels, cakes, pies… were irresistible. Nowadays my mother replace her and I inherited this recipe from her. All year long I’ve been patiently waiting for December to come, because Walnut […]

CAKE WITH CROQUANT  (ALMOND BRITTLE)   This cake recipe I got from my mother in law, she got it from her mother in law, and finally she got it from her mother. So it is a quite old recipe and very common on menu in Split for all kinds of celebrations: baptism of children, birthday parties, […]

Name came from the word mandula which means almond. It is similar to Italian torrone, Spanish turrón, Portugese torrão (they made it with thin paper wafer and in Dalmatia we use the thicker one). It is typical for South Mediterranean Europe. Italians claim that it was mentioned for the 1st in 15th century Italy, while […]

With every bite of these honey-pepper flavored cookies I inevitably become nostalgic of my school days. My first association with Paprenjak is always the book “Goldsmith’s gold 1871” that they made me read in elementary school. It is a story about a lady named Magda, nicknamed Paprenjarka, who makes those delicious honey-pepper biscuits. In that […]