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You can cook them, grille’s them, fry them, steam – with artichokes you can make various meals as: pasta , pate, lasagne etc.

This beautiful flower plant native to the Mediterranean region. That’s why artichokes love an accompaniment of broad beans and peas. They can be found all together in spring at town’s green market.

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Artichokes are low in calories, rich source of fiber and antioxidants, help to control cholesterol level and among all this they armour like flower is edible and very tasty.

I prefer them filled  with olive oil, garlic and parsley. This mixture of Dalmatian herbs and olive oil emphasizes they natural sweet – bitter delicate taste.

Together with beans and pancetta, artichokes will made wonderful melange of flavors.

If you like delicious home made food – here you have it!

When I am buying it on green market I insist on medium size artichoke ( very large are not that tasty) with compact leaves, tightly together (that means they are fresh).


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  • 5 artichokes
  • 500g broad beans
  • 1table spoon lemon juice
  • 8 table spoon bread crumbs
  • 5 cloves garlic (sliced)
  • bunch of parsley (chopped)
  • few spoons of olive oil (just enough to make thick cream with b crumbs)
  • salt to taste
  • white pepper to taste
  • FOR NON VEGEAN/VEGETARIAN VERSION: few pieces of pancetta



  1. Put artichokes in cold water with lemon juice. The water should completely cover artichokes. Leave them in a water for 20 minutes, so all dirt and eventual insects would go out.
  2. After 20 minutes, take them out from water, turn it upside down on dishtowel. Press them a bit so all water will go out and they can dry easy.
  3. In meantime prepare a mixture: put bread crumbs in a small bowl and add olive oil just enough to make a thick cream, than add garlic, parsley, salt and white pepper.
  4. Once artichokes are dry, cut them a steams, so they can stand in deep pan. If the leaves are dry on top cut them a bit.
  5. Now start with filling them. Slightly apart each leave from the other and put the mixture between the leaves. untitled (383 of 850)


  1. Prepare a big deep pan, then put broad beans in to the bottom of the pan. Finally put loaded artichokes vertically, one to another, densely.Spread a teaspoon olive oil on top of each artichokes
  2. Put the rest of the mixture (garlic, parsley..) into the pan, FOR NO VEGANS/ VEGETARIANS put a few pieces of pancetta inside as well.

untitled (404 of 164)3. In the end add water and cover artichokes completely. Cook it around 2 hours on very low fire.




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