I looove love LOVE figs! Fresh ones, dried ones, cooked in wine, in cakes, salads, meat sauces, combined with seafood…

And as I haven’t been able to find a recipe containing figs that really excites me, I decided to create one by myself – and that’s how this delicious lemon&figs treat came about!

Dried figs are already a treat for themselves with their intense, rich flavour and texture, so I decided to add just a bare minimum of other ingredients that I believe we all already have in our cupboards.

The cake base is made of roasted almonds and raisins. I soaked the raisins in Prošek=Croatian dessert wine (you can use “Rogačuša” = carob liqueur as well) to add a hint of liquor flavour to already rich and flavorus mixture.

Lemon juice enlivens the sweet taste of dried figs and together they create a sensational aromatic experience that this cake provides.

Limoncini (or pomegranate grains) placed at the top of the cake enhance the visual representation and also perfectly match the taste of the cake.

This cake goes well in each and every season of the year because, even though highly aromatic, it is not heavy. All the ingredients are natural, there are no artificial sugars, colors or aditives. 

At the end of the day, it is a RAW cake, which means that all of its ingredients are in their original state, unobstructed by the heat.

I hope you’ll love this cake as much as I do!



Here is the recipe:

INGREDIENTS:(for the springform pan diameter 12cm)

  • 100g of toasted almonds
  • 50g of raisins
  • 5-6 tbsp of Prošek (or Rogačuša)
  • 150g of dried figs
  • 1 big lemon
  • limoncini for decoration (or pomegranate grains)


  1. Soak the rasins in Prošek for 2-3 hours
  2. Ground the toasted almonds and add previously strained raisins
  3. Mix it all and put it into the springform protected with the baking paper


  1. Soak the dried figs in the lemon juice for 5-6 hours.
  2. Strain them and blend into cream (not for too long, we don’t want the cream to be smooth, but rather have whole pieces of figs inside)
  3. Spread the cream over the bas
  4. Decorate with limoncini / pomegranate grains



Keep the cake in the fridge.


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