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This yummy Japanese soup is welcomed during all year, both in a hot summer day or on a cold winter evening. You can  also serve it as main course. With all these ingredients it can satisfy every appetite. INGREDIENTS :(for 4 servings)  1L of Dashi stock – you can buy it in Asian stores (or otherwise […]

SUSHI ROLLS WITH AVOCADO AND SALMON   Sushi is simple the best for hot summer nights get-together. Light, elegant finger food. Sushi often comes in two different shapes: MAKI ZUSHI which is rice rolled in algae with various fillings in it NIGIRI ZUSHI, without the algae, little rice roller that serves as the base for […]

After the elegant old Kyoto, our next stop was Osaka. “And now for something completely different” The third biggest city in Japan, Osaka was for a long time the main port and commercial center of the country. Today it counts 19 millions of inhabitants and it has its own “way of being”, for sure. Youngsters […]

How and in which way should I introduce a destination to a future traveller or just a curious reader providing them with useful informartion while avoiding to sound flat like some cheap tourist guidebook – it has always been a challenge to me. I will give my best to bring Japan a bit closer to […]