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SUSHI ROLLS WITH AVOCADO AND SALMON   Sushi is simple the best for hot summer nights get-together. Light, elegant finger food. Sushi often comes in two different shapes: MAKI ZUSHI which is rice rolled in algae with various fillings in it NIGIRI ZUSHI, without the algae, little rice roller that serves as the base for […]

After the elegant old Kyoto, our next stop was Osaka. “And now for something completely different” The third biggest city in Japan, Osaka was for a long time the main port and commercial center of the country. Today it counts 19 millions of inhabitants and it has its own “way of being”, for sure. Youngsters […]

How and in which way should I introduce a destination to a future traveller or just a curious reader providing them with useful informartion while avoiding to sound flat like some cheap tourist guidebook – it has always been a challenge to me. I will give my best to bring Japan a bit closer to […]

  NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER SOUP     Obviously, the title is inspired by my all time favorite TV show “Sex and the City”. For me “Soup and the City” is an oxymoron, which always touch me whenever I visit a big city as New York, Kuala lumpur, Hanoi, Sydney, Shanghai … Everybody is in […]