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  “There is a moment, between fifteenth and sixteenth sip of champagne, when everyone is an aristocrat.” Le Fait du Prince, Amelie Nothomb     “Le Fait du Prince” is utopian story for adults in which champagne is presented as a medicine for everything. I don’t want to reveal any more details from this charming […]

Wild asparagus on every stand, on every corner of green market. A bunch for 30 kunas, 2 for 50 kunas, price are hardly going down even in the end of asparagus season. Probably, the reason is short season that lasts just few weeks. Salesman know that wild asparagus are super healthy and extremely tasty, so […]

RHCR is sensational fusion of Asian red rice and Dalmatian salted anchovies.It is quite often on my table as main meal or as a side dish with jack fruit curry ( or any other vegetarian curry ). When you add chili peppers and white vine you turn this simple meal into a special treat for […]

When I am in rush and having friends coming over in few hours, I go for somefast’n’easy-to prepare finger food as crisp tools with mushrooms and anchovies. They go amazingly with a glass of wine and usually I have  all ingredients in my fridge, so I don’t have to waste that little and precious amount of […]

What to say about this gorgeous cake? You will be delighted with its extraordinary taste and irresistible looking. I know exactly why I get in love for this cake: Chocolate and mascarpone go hand in hand just like cappuccino and ricotta cheese. Ricotta and mascarpone refresh strong, rich dark chocolate flavor. Enjoy it with family […]