My grandma always used to make it for me and so called “Koh od riže” was everyone’s favorite cake in my house. It is very easy to prepare it and once served together with cherry sauce, this simple cake becomes. (Word KOH is coming from German word kochen which means cooking.)   What I […]

PROSCIUTTO IN RED WINE   PROSCIUTTO is very popular in Dalmatia, in fact it is traditionally obligatory appetizer together with cheese at almost all of festivities. Every part of Dalmatia has it own “best” home-made prosciutto. I prepare it little bit differently, cooked with two type of onions in red wine. I combine red and […]

Mild winter day in Split. I am walking down the shady, old, streets of Diocletian Palace. It looks as if the Palace is veiled with distinctive, sharp smell of cooked codfish. I do not need a calendar, it must be December, just few days before Christmas.Well known smell is coming from every “portun” (entrance hall […]

  This old recipe is from the end of 19th century. Very fast and easy to do it!! My grandma Katarina was brilliant cook whose biscuits, strudels, cakes, pies… were irresistible. Nowadays my mother replace her and I inherited this recipe from her. All year long I’ve been patiently waiting for December to come, because Walnut […]