I looove love LOVE figs! Fresh ones, dried ones, cooked in wine, in cakes, salads, meat sauces, combined with seafood… And as I haven’t been able to find a recipe containing figs that really excites me, I decided to create one by myself – and that’s how this delicious lemon&figs treat came about! […]

  Stuffed squids are one of the stars of Dalmatian cuisine.  I find it a bit challenging to depict you this dish and its rich flavor in a way that would do it justice. As usually, it’s easier for me to prepare the dish and write down the recipe. The process of preparing the dish […]

Klašuni are a wonderful dessert to follow up a light fish-based meal. Otherwise, they can serve as a nice sweet treat for the lazy summer afternoons accompanied by the glass of fresh Korčula’s Pošip, white wine.   The freshness of lemon zest and raisins previously soaked in rose brandy blend nicely with the rich flavout […]

It is a basic of the base of Dalmatian cuisine. I can say it is a symbol of Dalmatian cuisine . Light meal in a summer, welcome as well in winter time.  Perfect to combine with pasta, gnocchi, polenta, “leso” meat ( from ital.word lesso=cooked), rice, sea food. Also it is main ingredient of many […]