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  Stuffed squids are one of the stars of Dalmatian cuisine.  I find it a bit challenging to depict you this dish and its rich flavor in a way that would do it justice. As usually, it’s easier for me to prepare the dish and write down the recipe. The process of preparing the dish […]

  This traditional Dalmatian recipe have travelled from Split, across the Cayman Islands, Norway, Abu Dhabi and came back home in an upgraded and enriched version. The very best black risotto I’ve ever tried was at my friends’ Vesna and Peter’s house, long time ago. in Split. As the children were still very young at […]

  One off the reasons I simply adore summer is that my friends from all around the world come to Split  for holidays. Every time when my dear friend from Krakow are in Split, we perform our little ritual: Early in the morning we go to the fish-market. Meeting point: 7am in XM, local coffee shop. After […]