Hello guys!

Welcome on board. I wish you a pleasant journey through the scents, colors and tastes from all around the globe that I am about to take you on!

My name is Tanja, I was born in Croatia ( in Karlovac, North Croatia). After University I moved to  Split ( Dalmatia, South Croatia) where I still live with my family.

I’ll be writing about food, sharing with you amazing recipes I came across while traveling. Each country and their people have their own unique cuisine and methods of preparing and serving food – so it is extremely hard not to get super inspired when exposed to all of that abundance and creativity!

What I realized, however, is that very few people know anything about Croatian national cuisine. My plan is to change that as well and to present to y’all, both my foreign and Croatian friends and to everybody who likes to cook, some of my favorite national dishes!

Have fun et bon appetit!

I am the author of this blogposts, I also prepare all the meals and my husband Neno takes photos.